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Commitment to quality has always been a driving force at BRANNON STEEL. Registered to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality standard since 1999, we’ve developed a quality policy that is the basis for our quality assurance program.



Our quality policy is supported by the following objectives:

  • Providing the correct goods on time

  • Establishing and maintaining a measure of quality performance (Quality System Ratio)

  • Continuous improvement process

  • Ensuring that this Quality Policy is communicated understood, implemented, maintained and effective throughout BRANNON STEEL and verifying its effectiveness through audits

  • Providing the training and resources to allow employees to do their jobs correctly the first time (Training Matrix)

  • Taking timely corrective action to resolve any nonconformance, and establishing preventive measures – all NCR s open greater than 30 days will be reviewed by management team

  • Providing a safe, clean and efficient working environment

We are committed to the development and implementation of our quality management system and continually improving its effectiveness by:

  • Communicating to the company the necessity and importance of meeting customer, statutory and regulatory requirements,

  • Ensuring the commitment to the enhancement of customer satisfaction is understood and implemented by all employees,

  • Establishing the quality policies and objectives and communicating them to the employees, conducting management reviews, and ensuring the availability of resources.

Quality is our driving force.